One of the key benefits of Reachout Adventures curriculum is the four recurring themes. Each theme is new and exciting  for the children but the uniform approach is especially beneficial to the staff and teachers. The themes present on a four-year rotation as follows:

  • 2023  Summer SeaQuest
  • 2024  Olympion (to correspond with the Summer Olympic Games)
  • 2025  Upward Bound
  • 2026  Space Probe

Due to the curriculum revision schedule, only the theme for each particular year will be available at that time.

Start with the purchase the Director’s Kit, which has everything you need to start planning for your VBS or other children’s program. The Director’s Kit will provide you with the following:

  • Director Guide
  • Teacher Guide Pre-K to 6th Grade
  • Teacher Guide Ages 2 & 3
  • Bible Lesson Curriculum: 5 exciting, in-depth Bible lessons presented as intriguing “eyewitness” accounts of the Book of Jonah. Includes lesson aims, background information, costume suggestions, & simplified storyline for 4’s–2nd grade.
  • Craft Curriculum
  • Gospel Presentation Manual – Complete guidelines for preparing & presenting “Salvation Sea Crossing,” SSQ’s unique 6-step daily Gospel presentation.
  • Homeport Assemblies Manual – Everything you need for great daily assemblies, with skits that complement and bring to life the daily Gospel presentation, plus a comprehensive Closing Program plan.
  • Recreational Packet
  • A 4-K Student Logbook, a 1st – 6th Grade Student Logbook and Sticker Sheet
Order Your Director’s Kit to Evaluate the Curriculum Today!

Note: Your Director’s Kit is refundable (less a nominal restocking fee) should you choose not use Summer SeaQuest.

Reachout Adventures has been used in all sizes of churches, and in various situations–from a church of nearly 900 kids, to a backyard in the Bronx, New York to the mission field overseas. No matter what your size or situation, we can help you adapt this curriculum for use on a small or large scale. You can pull out all the stops and have a robust VBS, or if your resources are limited, keep things simple. Both can happen with huge impact, by God’s grace and power, and with the help of our staff.

Call us at 1.800.283.1357 (option 2) or email more information.

The portal is an essential to provide you with the tools you need to have a successful VBS or other camp or ministry program. A subscription to the portal provides you with:

  • The contents of the Director’s Kit (in PDF format) with easy access to share with your staff.
  • Music: Instrumental, with lyrics, hand motions videos, piano and guitar accompaniment.
  • Artwork: downloadable images to create decorations, publicity, signage, crafts, activities and more.
  • Lighthouse Scripture Memory Drills: a program that can be used during your VBS as well as the following months.
  • Support Resources: links to accessory products, craft and other creative ideas, alternative uses, suggested mission projects, answer keys and more.

Preview portal contents and subscription rates here.

We highly recommend you purchase the Student Packets for your young explorers. The book and accompanying sticker set engage your students in the process of learning. Whether your students are auditory, visual or tactile learners…the packet helps them all! Maybe, more importantly, the logbooks provide a great way for your children to interact with their parents about what they learned. Parents can help the children with practical, life applications from the lessons and, in certain circumstances, the logbooks help the children relay the truth of the Gospel to unbelieving parents.

New International Version (NIV)

The Director’s Kit, which must be purchased to evaluate the suitability of the curriculum to your situation, is refundable–less a $15 restocking fee.

The web portal subscription is only refundable in the event of a “hardship” decision to cancel your VBS, camp or other ministry activity. A hardship request would be considered by the CDM management on a case-by-case basis.

Student Packets are not refundable, but we are often able to help you locate other churches in need of Logbooks and can help facilitate the exchange.