Olympion Curriculum at Glance

The Director’s Kit

This all-in-one organizer is a must-have for new Olympions & Reachout veterans alike!

Only one Director’s Kit is needed per church. The appropriate contents of the Director’s Kit will also be available to you on the portal in .pdf format (subscription required).

Director’s Guide

32 pages filled with planning & directing help to make your job as Director easier than ever! Includes the following & more:

  • Overview chart for all 5 events
  • Schedule for a typical day
  • Recruiting & training guidelines
  • Suggested list of VBS jobs to recruit for
  • 6-month planning calendar
  • VBS evaluation form

The Director’s Kit contents shown below are available in PDF form on the portal for easy distribution to your volunteers and teachers.

Two Age-Specific Teacher Guides
(2’s & 3’s and 4’s–6 Grades)

Olympion overview & comprehensive instructions for all classroom coordinators, teachers, & assistants.

Bible Lesson Curriculum

Five exciting, in-depth Bible lessons that challenge the children to run the race of faith passionately.

Gospel Presentation Manual

Complete guidelines for preparing & presenting Olympion’s unique 5-step daily gospel presentation.

Craft Curriculum

Crafts for all ages, suitable for any size group! Developed to complement & reinforce the Bible lesson truths & Olympion theme with detailed instructions, reproducible patterns, & project introductions. Includes both crafts & lessons for 4’s–K. (Supplies not included)

Recreation Packet

Lively theme-related, age-specific recreation schedule for 4’s–Grade 6 Athletes, written exclusively for Olympion. It includes detailed game instructions, a materials list, theme-related introductions, and rainy-day suggestions.

Assemblies Manual

Fabulous scripts that do it all for you! They include everything you need for great daily assemblies, skits that complement and bring to life the daily gospel presentation, and a comprehensive Closing Program plan.

Music Samples

The curriculum provides eight songs on two playlists (one with lyrics and one without for accompaniment). The web portal also offers hand motions training videos for each song, Powerpoint® slides for projection, piano music, and guitar chords.

Student Packets

Student Log-Books — illustrated pages (depending on grade level) including memory work, daily Bible readings, and lesson application worksheets; medal sticker page; original theme-related gospel presentation; service projects; and more! Grade levels are based on grade completed.

Please use UPS or Priority Mail when shipping teachers’ packets or student books.

Teachers Packet

Teacher Guide —VBS overview & complete instructions for classroom teachers & assistants; Two age-specific guides: 2s – 3s and 4s– 6th grade.

Bible Lesson Curriculum — 61 full-color peel-off stickers included to transform each Training Log’s center section sticker page into a “successful event” listing—bursting with color!

Age-Specific Training Log  (2s and 3s do not receive an additional Training Log)

Please use UPS or Priority Mail when shipping teachers’ packets or student books.

Order Additional Accessories

Additional Sticker Page and Sticker Set — 
One sheet of 61 full-color peel-off event stickers from each day’s event to transform their Training Log’s center section, plus an additional center spread with bronze, silver, or gold medals.

Wristband Packet — includes 5 (red, blue, or yellow) silicon wristbands.