We are very excited to introduce
a refreshed Summer SeaQuest.

Ahoy, Mates! All Hands on Deck!

Summer SeaQuest is ready to sail, bound for adventure on the high seas. Our course is charted for ancient Nineveh, whose people must be told to turn from their evil ways and follow Jehovah, the only true God!

Under orders from Jehovah to warn the Ninevites is that famous fleeing seaman, Jonah the Prophet. Hiding aboard our ship, runaway Jonah will rig a roundabout route to Nineveh (and cause us to stop in a very fishy port-of-call) before we finally are delivered, in repentance and obedience, safely into port.

As Sea Explorers, you’ll dive daily into Jonah’s story in the Bible to learn that the High Admiral, Jesus Christ, loves you so much that He died on the cross to pay for your sins. Jesus wants to steer you to Himself so you can know Him as your Savior, Lord, and closest companion during your voyage here on earth and in Heaven’s eternal Homeport.

Anchors a-w-e-i-g-h!!!

How to Embark on Your Adventure

First, order your Director’s Kit. This attractive binder contains all the manuals and guides to get you started. When you’re ready to begin your SeaQuest adventure, subscribe to the new web portal.

Here you will have access to items from the Director’s Kit (in PDF format) appropriate for sharing among your team. You will also have access to a wealth of resources to make your adventure successful. The portal contains the following:

  • Music: Instrumental, with lyrics, hand motions videos, piano, and guitar accompaniment.
  • Artwork: downloadable images to create decorations, publicity, signage, crafts, activities, and more.
  • Scripture Memory program that can be used during your VBS as well as in the following months.
  • Support Resources: links to accessory products, craft, and other creative ideas, alternative uses, answer keys, and more.

Finally, you can order your student packets and accessories beginning in March.