“We have had great success reaching children in our community with VBS Reachout Adventures’ curriculum…The curriculum is easy to follow for the directors as well as for the teachers, making recruiting easier. The children love the challenges of earning stickers in their books. The music is fun and easy to learn. Adults in our community who don’t have children attending come to the closing ceremonies each day to hear the music and, of course, they also receive the gospel message. And the customer service at VBS Reachout Adventures is outstanding…Thank you for helping our VBS to be a huge success!”
— Former Pastor, Rev. Joe Grider, McIlwain Memorial Presbyterian Church, Pensacola, FL

“My favorite week of the year is VBS at my home church when I get to teach the Reachout Adventures Bible curriculum to our children. Although I am on my fourth round of teaching through the four themes, I learn something new each year. Why? Reachout Adventures is committed to teaching the Word of God from a reformed perspective. It is the best example of a children’s curriculum that believes our children deserve a teacher with a deep understanding of the scripture lesson. And, while the Bible material is deep and complete, Reachout Adventures makes learning God’s Word fun! I recommend this VBS to churches because it proves that you do not have to sacrifice in-depth Bible teaching to have a creative, fun-filled week with children. If you are going to spend your church’s time, money, human resources and energy on VBS, make sure you accomplish your goal by leading children to the Christ of the Bible. Reachout Adventures aims at this goal and hits it!”
— Mrs. Sue Jakes, Former Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Presbyterian Church in America

“It is so encouraging to have such a faithful curriculum that weds rich, text-centered theology to a creative and engaging style. You can depend on Reachout for its faithfulness to truth and consistent appeal to children!”
— Rev. Darwin Jordan, Fort Worth Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, TX

“The children loved the stickers and were really motivated to learn their Scripture memory verses. The parents were thrilled to see their children doing service projects at home and even for neighbors. The eyewitness storytelling really made the Bible story come alive and focused the children’s attention on the truths of God’s Word. My Reachout Coach was a big help, and it was such a comfort knowing she was available and easily accessible.”
— VBS Director Sarah Kitts, Redeemer ARP Church, Moore, SC

“There are so many Vacation Bible School curricula to wade through these days. Most of these are shallow and not very precise when it comes to theology and doctrine. I am so thankful we came across VBS Reachout Adventures. This material was not only deep, it was also solidly Reformed. Instead of lowering the bar, this curriculum was appropriate for each age group. Our VBS teachers were so thankful we used this material because they did not need to waste their time editing and deepening the daily lessons. It is my pleasure to heartily recommend Reachout Adventures to you and your church family.”
— Rev. Caleb Kolstad, Former Pastor, First Baptist Church, Carmel, IN

“As we head into our 12th year of using VBS Reachout Adventures at our church, I want to say ‘Thank you!’ … I am impressed with how you have kept the material fresh without compromising your Biblical and Reformed commitments. The Gospel is clear, the means of Grace are clear, the emphasis on man’s chief end is clear—and it is a tremendous amount of fun for everyone. Praise God for such a valuable resource!”
— Rev. Robert Looper, Pastor, McIlwain Memorial Presbyterian Church, Pensacola, FL

“This is truly winsomely Reformed material. I love that it’s Gospel-focused while holding strongly to the Reformed faith. The material reaches both covenant children as well as community children who come through the doors of the church for the first time. The program gets the whole church involved, and even has activities for the parents to participate in with their children when they come home. The staff at Reachout Adventures is always helpful and available to help. They take their ministry seriously. I highly recommend Reachout Adventures!”
— Dr. E. Brent Turner, Executive Director, Christian Education Ministries, Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church