“We have been happily using VBS Reachout Adventures for over 15 years! The curriculum is solidly reformed, involves a large portion of our congregation, clearly and accurately presents the gospel AND does all this in a creative and memorable fashion.”
— Rev. Carl Robbins, Woodruff Road PCA, Greenville, SC

“Summer Vacation Bible School is simply one of the highlight events of our year here at Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church. That one concentrated week offers us the opportunity to focus on three major goals: (1) Concentrated discipleship of our children in the core truths of the Faith, (2) Concentrated exercise of a myriad of spiritual gifts on the part of lay leaders, and (3) Concentrated outreach to our community. We have been using the VBS Reachout Adventure curriculum for years and amazingly it never grows old. New children, new lay leaders and new ideas keep this tried and true material fresh and fun. When General Assembly or some other responsibility takes me away for that week I am always disappointed. This time of concentrated ministry and movement of the Holy Spirit is so refreshing to my won soul. I hate to miss it.”
— Rev. Randy Smith, Former Pastor, Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC

“Reachout’s materials are Bible-centered and get the message of salvation across to everyone involved—children and adults. The children love it, and our staff say they get as much out of it as the kids!”
— VBS Director Diane Speights, Scots Kirk ARP Church, Summerville, SC

“VBS Reachout Adventures doesn’t sacrifice sound Biblical and Reformed instruction for mere entertainment. Yet, the program is great fun for the kids and provides plenty of creative options to adapt to any situation. The Scripture memory piece enhanced the eternal benefits of this VBS.”
— Rev. Chad Steenwyk, Central Avenue Christian Reformed Church, Holland, MI

“Pastors have a vital concern for Biblical content when it comes to caring for the lambs of the flock. You can tell that a pastor is worth his salt when he investigates VBS lesson material and he undoubtedly asks, ‘Does the material present Christ and Him crucified?’ But even more, a pastor worth his salt will ask, ‘Is Christ and Him crucified presented in all of the Scriptures?’ Pastor, look no further! The VBS Reachout Adventures curriculum delivers! You can be assured that this material presents the person and work of Christ in His glory of salvation in the whole of the unfolding of the drama of redemption. Christ’s lambs will be fed by the Great Shepherd of His sheep with this content! With the growing reformation of biblical, covenantal ministry in the life of reformed churches in North America, church leaders and parents are looking for assistance that will reinforce the fact that the church is the every-generation people and family of God. The VBS Reachout Adventures curriculum uniquely offers a covenant-friendly approach to ministry as parents are encouraged to take part in the learning along with their children, as story tellers faithfully and effectively teach a wide range of ages at one time, and as the week-long ministry calls for a contest for review and learning that mixes the ages of the children to work as one team. I know that the ministry of VBS Reachout Adventures is helping to further a church-based approach to ministry to children of the covenant home. Do you want a VBS ministry with upbeat music and singing that blends children’s choruses and traditional hymns? Do you want the freedom to insert creative and enthusiastic learning through a check-up contest for reinforcement and review? Or maybe you’re looking for an appropriate mix of ‘book learning’ and learning through the ears and the eyes? The VBS Reachout Adventures curriculum offers a method of teaching and learning that reaches children with the head and the heart. This is evangelism and edification aimed at children, and it is some of the best application of the reformed faith today! This is one VBS curriculum that will not let you down!”
— Rev. Mark Sumpter, Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Grants Pass, OR

“Best kit we have ever used! The student book is a highly effective tool for getting the Word of God into the homes of the unchurched VBS attenders of our largely military community. We look forward to building on that this coming year.”
— Rev. Brian Thom, Killeen Bible Church, Harker, TX

“To everyone at VBS Reachout Adventures, thank you. We used your VBS material for the first time after receiving your flyer—we were impressed. Our whole team loved the format and the depth of teaching involved. Also, it was wonderful how every aspect of the material, from music to crafts, reinforced the Bible stories. The Student Logbooks were especially a hit with both volunteers and participants. As a Family Pastor, I have found the lack of biblical teaching concerning some of the very basic truths of our faith amongst children’s literature to be troubling. Children’s ministry is often a desert of moralism and this summer your VBS was a much-needed wellspring of Gospel truth. Helping children find their identity in the Gospel is clearly VBS Reachout’s greatest desire and the material was a reflection of that truth. I especially appreciated how you were able to show children all Scripture tells the one story of redemption through Jesus Christ. The children and volunteers all had loads of fun with every station, but more importantly the children came to a greater understanding of the Gospel with each and every day. Summer Seaquest helped the children I serve know the good news of Jesus Christ. I could not be more thankful for the hard work you all do for the kingdom. God’s kingdom is expanding because of VBS Reachout Adventures and I have no doubt those involved will be well known in glory.”
— Rev. Anthony Trussing, Children and Family Pastor, Westminster, MD