Olympion Curriculum Portal

This online resource will contain all the essential tools for Qlympion Directors & Teachers!

The portal contains all items from the Director’s Kit for sharing among your staff. It also offers downloadable artwork, music, support documents, and links to other helpful related resources. The subscription cost to the portal is based on your anticipated number of children as follows:

  • 1 to 25 children ~ $100
  • 26 to 99 children ~ $200
  • 100 to 199 children ~ $350
  • 200 + children ~ $500

The portal will open before February 1st!

Director’s Kit Contents (in PDF format) online

  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Bible Lesson Curriculum
  • Craft Curriculum
  • Gospel Presentation
  • Assemblies Manual 
  • Recreation Packet


  • Instrumental and with lyrics
  • Hand Motions Training video
  • Piano Music
  • Guitar Chords

Maranatha Marathon

  • An Incredible Scripture Memory Program to use during your VBS or event as well as follow-up programs.

Learning Site Suggestions


  • Use to create decorations, publicity pieces, banners, directional signs, & more. Includes:
  • Hi-res graphics for outdoor banners and staging.
  • Gospel Presentation (PowerPoint®)
  • Olympion Song Lyrics (PowerPoint®)

Student Logbook Answer Sheets

Tips and alternate ways to use Olympion

Recommended Missions/Ministry projects

Links to Additional Resources